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User Requirements for IT Solutions

Preparation of the User Requirements documentation; the problem analysis that will outline what's required from your perspective, the areas that need addressing.

This task is normally the first one performed when a new system is first mooted. Over the years, this has morphed itself to include a multiple range of functions and deliverables that are required in order to kick start the information system development and has turned into a one-off Project Requirement document.

Usually before starting this task, there is an agreement with the Client as to what should be part of the deliverable from this User Requirements undertaking.

The contents of the User Requirement document may include:

Documentation of what the Users want, or the issues that need resolving by the new system - this is in essence the analysis of the interview notes from the user interviews.

The scope of where the system sits in the big picture; what feeds into it from external or other systems, and what will be required to come out of it.

Depending on the complexity, a high level design showing the main functional areas required.

An overview breakdown of the phases or tasks identified to be performed along with the deliverables to be produced and an indication of the timings involved.

An indication of the costs to produce the system broken down by phases and tasks. Usually, a quote for the first task and estimates for the rest of the tasks or phases to be performed.

Essentially, the User Requirements document becomes the discussion document about what's required and allows the Client to come to some logical conclusion so that a decision can be made. This discussion step also aides in the shaping of what the system will look like.

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