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Solutions Advice for IT Solutions

Independent advice or reviews of existing or proposed IT systems and how they match to an organisation's requirements for an IT solution.

For a review of an existing IT system, we normally start with the documentation of the current system. If required, we can produce the document which describes the current system in association with you and your staff, if this documentation doesn't exist.

Having this documentation allows the next phase of this task to be done a whole lot more easily; this is the documentation of what the current system actually does. This does sound like an unnecessary step, but, from experience, it gives a great indication of what your current system is capable of and how it's being used.

From this documentation, a set of ranked requirements can be developed in association with the Client which will form the basis of the selection criteria for the new system; what it must have, versus, what would be nice to have.

If you don't currently have a system and you are evaluating whether an off-the-shelf package will meet your needs, we also start with documenting what you and your staff require and produce the set of Client ranked requirements.

Without these criteria, you leave yourself wide open to making decisions based on what the Salesman or Marketing Representative says.

We don’t have an "axe to grind", as the saying goes, in what choice is made for an application. We can help make the selection process a lot smoother for you.

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