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RMBR : Event Reminder Software v1.14 (build 32)

The RMBR Event Reminder Software is designed to provide you with notification for those important dates, times and events that you need to remember - "just set it and forget it".

What does it do? RMBR provides a trigger for a reminder to be splashed onto your screen about an event that is due to occur... it lets you know when it's time to remember something. It will also generate, if you set it, further reminders for the same event sometime in the future once the event has been shelved or dismissed ... you can set the repeats for the event to regenerate the finished event for as long as you want auto-magically. For example, you set up an event to pick the kids up off the school bus at 3:30pm today, and set the "Reminder Repeat" for the event to repeat each week day ... after you dismiss today's reminder, RMBR will setup the next reminder for this event automatically for 3:30pm on the next up coming week day.

This application is designed to start up when you start up your computer and run in the background until the appointed time when you get your notification splashed up on to the screen.

If you need to remember to do something, and you have better things to do, then all you need to do is to enter the details of the event you want to be reminded about and that's it - the system will bring up a message to remind you of the particular event or events. It runs from the System Tray located at the bottom right of your desktop.

The RMBR Event Reminder Software can be run without licensing it. The unlicensed version pops up a few annoying reminders about running an unlicensed version.

What you get with RMBR Event Reminder Software is a robust and easy to use program. It includes on-line help within the system which is available at anytime you require it ... [ more ]

The one-off license fee of $45.00 covers all updates; what this means is that updates to RMBR are free of charge ... see the Licensing Instructions for payment options once you have installed RMBR.

What to do: Download the installation program to a location of your choice. Once downloaded, double-click on the program to run the installation routine; follow the instructions given ... once you have started RMBR, press function key F1 for the on-line Help

NOTE: The "Full Installation" contains all the required support files for running RMBR; the "Upgrade" contains only the program.

Click here to download and install the latest Full Installation version RMBRv1.14.032Install (2.972Mb)

Click here to download and install the latest Upgrade RMBRv1.14.032Update (0.401Mb)

Click here to download and install some extra Sounds to use RMBR Sounds v1 (0.604Mb)

Click here to download and install some more Sounds to use RMBR Sounds v2 (0.825Mb)

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