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PEDISYS : Pedigree Registration Software v1.10 (build 15)

The PEDISYS pedigree registration program is designed to provide you with a means for recording the pedigree of either a cat or a dog and producing a formatted pedigree registration certificate that can be given to the new Owner of the dog or cat.

This certificate can be printed out, or, you can create a PDF version of the certificate which can then be emailed off.

The certificate can detail the defined pedigree to either the grandparent or the great-grandparent level - this depends on what you enter; if you don't define the great-grandparents, then they aren't shown.

The PEDISYS pedigree registration software can be run without licensing it. The unlicensed version has a reduced numbers of cats or dogs that can be registered, and, has a small alteration to the look of the formatted certificate.

What you get with PEDISYS is a robust and easy to use program. It includes on-line help within the system which is available at anytime you require it.

NOTE: The same pedigree registration program can be used as the Register for cats and for dogs - it's only a matter of changing a setting to go from one to the other.

Some demo data has been included so that you can get a look and feel for the system as soon as you use it.

The one-off license fee of $35.00 covers all updates ... what this means is that updates to PEDISYS are free of charge  ... see the Licensing Instructions for payment options once you have installed PEDISYS.

What to do: Download either of these two programs to a location of your choice. Once downloaded, double-click on the program to run the installation routine; follow the instructions given ... once you have started PEDISYS, press function key F1 for the on-line Help

Click here to download and install a DEMO of PEDISYS PEDISYS-DEMO (1.047Mb)

Click here to download and install the latest version PEDISYSv1.09.012 (1.022Mb)

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