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Onesto Solutions (pronounced "on-est-o") was created by Stuart Morrice as a contracting organisation within the computing industry. Onesto is an Italian word meaning "straight up" or "honest" which we have adopted as our principle philosophy. Our intention within business is to provide open and honest answers to Client's questions or requirements.

The following are some of the areas of work that Onesto Solutions can assist you with:

Quality Assurance for Information Systems:

Quality Assurance covers the development of policies, the procedures that are followed to meet the policies and the work methods and standards used to perform the procedures within the information systems function. ... [ more ]

Information Systems Development:

ITt Systems Development involves everything and anything within the entire information systems development lifecycle; User Requirements or Problem Analysis, software design, programming, software testing, information systems implementation and post implementation reviews. ... [ more ]

User Requirements for IT Solutions:

Preparation of the User Requirements documentation; the problem analysis that will outline what's required from your perspective, the areas that need addressing. ... [ more ]

Solution Advice for Information Systems:

Independent advice or reviews of existing or proposed IT systems and how they match to an organisation's requirements for an IT Solution. ... [ more ]

Software Testing:

Development of software testing plans for a system, review of the results of the program testing plus advice or development of QA standards as a means of continuous improvement. ... [ more ]

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